YXZ of Capitalism


D. The myth that capitalism is the natural form of social life has now broken down.

B. What everyone knew but no one would acknowledge is public knowledge: without the ("un-natural") help of the state, capitalism cannot survive a single day.

H. Capital gleefully points to the "collapse" of socialism as proof that the state corrupts the spirit of liberty in humans by interfering in the free market. 

J. The cure: bring back difference

D. By color revolutions against the monochromatic state.

V. Orange revolution (Ukraine).

X. The rose revolution (Georgia).

M. Well, now capitalism has its own color revolution.

K. It is not rose.

G. It is not orange.

F. It is a chartreuse revolution.

P. Those revolutions were tragic, this one is farcical.

U. Like all those color revolutions, this one too wants more, not less, State and wants it now and wants it all for itself.

I. It is turning capital's institutions into their ghostly difference...

X. (again). ...Banks, insurance monopolies, the car industry, hedge funds...

Y. (the schools, hospitals, public transportation...were already ghosts of themselves). 

G. The ghost is putting the "fear of the end" in everyone so they concede that the State should remain the executive "committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie."  

R. The collapse of capitalism according to (mostly) Left economics is a local matter--cheap money: sub-prime mortgages, the housing bubble, or credit crises. 

C. But these are symptoms of the pathologies of finance capital, which is itself a symptom.

W. The cause is the structures of production.

Q. The North left (the cunning economist of capital) has made consumption the root cause and turned the structural into the local. 

Z. (again) History has, as always, outdone the left's cunning.

O. The North left is now in the slow process of disintegrating along with its patronócosmopolitan capital.

L. Its sly slogan that "the revolutionary task of replacing capitalism now seems outmoded" is now itself outmoded.

X. (again and again) No more infantile leftism. 

K. (again) No more patching up of capital. 

A. "The Chief Task of Our Day" in the middle of "Fright at the Fall of the Old" is

"Fight for the New"


THE RED CRITIQUE 13 (Fall/Winter 2008)