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Formed on the occasion of the one hundred and fiftieth year of the publication of The Manifesto of The Communist Party, The RED COLLECTIVE is an international cadre of revolutionary Marxists committed to class struggle and producing class consciousness across national boundaries by means of a "ruthless critique of everything existing" under the regime of capital and wage labor. One of the goals of the RED COLLECTIVE is to produce critique-al knowledges that guide all wage laborers in their unyielding struggles to end private ownership of the means of production and usher in international communism.



In the Spring of 2001 The RED COLLECTIVE published the inaugural issue of THE RED CRITIQUE.

THE RED CRITIQUE aims at red-ing social and cultural theory for new revolutionary praxis. THE RED CRITIQUE will publish theoretical essays engaging issues from labor to sexuality; from (cyber)colonialism to emerging forms of fascism; from health care and the welfare-state to "globalization"; as well as short essays providing Marxist analysis of the "daily": interpretation of major events, films, exhibitions of paintings and photography, trends in popular culture, music and fashion, and discussion of television and emerging forms of communication and identities on the "web." At a time when the concept of "materialism" itself is being hybridized by the dominant bourgeois writings and turned into further grounds for the "playful," THE RED CRITIQUE will work to publish historical materialist analyses of contemporary capitalism which privilege the material—not as the trope of an ahistorical and spectral matter-ism of "desire," "the body," and "fantasy"—but as the materialism of "production," "labor," "need," and "class struggle."

THE RED CRITIQUE is now more than ever before, a necessary task because, given the almost complete monopoly of the publishing practices by the ruling class and its surrogates in the knowledge industry, what is represented as the space of transformation is no longer distinguishable from the strategies of appeasement, reconciliation by negotiations and the pragmatic compromises of the North-Atlantic bourgeois left.

THE RED CRITIQUE continues the 150 years of unceasing struggle for international communism.