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The aim of THE RED CRITIQUE is to provide a space for historical materialist analysis of the theoretical, cultural, and political matters of the contemporary.  We are most interested in critical analyses rooted in classical Marxism or in those texts which move in that direction.  Such texts develop their explanations critically and consciously without losing sight of the class politics of knowledge, the material-economic relations within which culture and subjectivity take shape, and the historically-developing social relations of production at the base of daily life in global capitalism. We welcome both sustained theoretical essays which engage fundamental concepts and issues in cultural and social theory and philosophy as well as short critiques that engage all issues shaping daily life: from readings of cultural and political events, to interpretation of films, television programs, ad campaigns, art exhibits, music and forms of cyberculture.

Unlike most left (cyber)journals THE RED CRITIQUE will thus provide a zone in which the theoretical, cultural and political issues can be discussed and engaged, without at the same time (as Marx puts it in his Critique of the Gotha Programme) "caus[ing] the conditions to be ignored that alone give them meaning."

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