The City of the Senses: Urban Culture and Urban Space

Kimberly DeFazio





In The City of Senses, Kimberly DeFazio offers an innovative and bold remapping of the city. The city, she argues, is not, as contemporary theory holds, a cultural space made by experiences and meanings but a material construct of human labor where people work and produce social life. The city that emerges from The City of the Senses will transform cultural theory of the city and open up new spaces for a new urban analytics. 

"DeFazio’s analysis and argument are magisterially informed, offering transformative interpretations of texts and films from Wordsworth’s poetry to Dickens’ Hard Times; from Kant and Lyotard to Ikea furniture and Lost in Translation. A lasting contribution to our understanding of the relationship of culture to society." —Julian Markels, author of The Marxian Imagination: Representing Class in Literature

"The City of Senses is a timely contribution to understanding the ‘geography of labor’ and its relation to the injustices facing working people across the globe. DeFazio opens up our senses--to become more acutely aware--of how capitalist relations of production eclipse human needs in the overwhelming panorama of consumption and greed we know as neoliberal capitalism. A precise and thorough undertaking that offers a materialist reading of social practices often relegated to the cultural realm, this is critical theory at its best." — Nathalia E. Jaramillo, Assistant Professor, Educational Studies and Cultural Foundations, Purdue University